Department for Economy and Trade

The Department for Economy and Trade of the Netherlands Embassy promotes Dutch economic interests in Japan. We help Dutch entrepreneurs and enterprises to do business in Japan by providing information on the Japanese market. In addition, the Department informs the Dutch government about relevant developments in the Japanese economy.

Please contact the Embassy for matters related to business in Tokyo and east-Japan. Please contact the Consulate-General in Osaka/Kobe for business related to west-Japan.

Embassy in Tokyo

The economic department in Tokyo can be reached by e-mail:, phone: 03-5776-5434 or fax: 03-5776-5535.


Mr. Paul Zwetsloot

Head of the Economic Cluster (Dutch/English)
Mr. Henry Philippens Policy Advisor (Dutch/English)
Ms. Carolien van Tilburg Senior Trade Officer (Dutch/English/Japanese)
Ms. Yuko Kikuta Trade Officer (English/Japanese)
Ms. Kazuyo Komatsubara

Trade Officer (English/Japanese)

Ms. Sachimi Mochizuki  Secretariat/Office Manager (English/Japanese)

Consulate General Osaka

The economic department in Osaka can be reached by e-mail:, phone: 06-6484-6000 or fax: 06-6484-6001.


Ms. Naoko Shiraishi

 Senior Trade Officer (English/Japanese)