Netherlands Agricultural Network (LAN)

The Netherlands Agricultural Network (LAN) - office of the Agricultural Counsellor represents the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality in Japan.

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Our mission

The Netherlands Agricultural Network (LAN) in Tokyo is committed to the internationalisation of the Dutch Agriculture and Nature sector in Japan. As a knowledgeable partner, we aim to contributes to the earning capacity of the Netherlands and to a sustainable global food supply.

Our core business

  • Promoting and supporting sustainable agricultural trade between the Netherlands and Japan, including guaranteeing market access
  • Promoting and supporting co-operation in innovation and the exchange of knowledge and know-how in the field of agriculture, nature and food quality
  • Reporting on, and explaining policies relevant to the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands
  • Maintaining, facilitating and expanding bilateral co-operation between the Netherlands and Japan

In our daily work we are guided by the following principles:


We work together with all stakeholders in our network and with our colleagues in The Hague and at the missions, because we believe in the power of cooperation and because we want to utilise cross-overs when innovating (not in the least because the strength of the Dutch agricultural sector has been defined by the cooperation between business, government and academia).


We know our partners and understand their profession, we understand the urgency of acting quickly when dealing with live goods, we have affinity with the agriculture sector, but also with the social challenges and dilemmas that characterise this field of work.


Integrity is an integral part of everything we do.


We are knowledgeable (from regulation to instruments), know and understand the (partners in the) chain, have a broad perspective on current developments and have an eye for technology and innovation.


We proactively look for opportunities, are aware of obstacles and actively link them to Dutch solutions. We do not only play a supporting role, but actively help in developing business, policy and partnerships.


We are constructive and supportive sparring-partners and a first point of contact. As such, we are capable of forging long-term strategic relationships to work towards an optimal position for the (Dutch) Agriculture and Nature sector in our area of operation. We therefore gather, filter, interpret and distribute information and we make connections with other policy areas, such as climate, water, air, commodities, food supply, development policy, health, wellbeing, ethics, culture, nature and landscape. We are involved in policy processes and, where needed, are responsible for specific policy issues.


We use the specific strengths of each LAN team to its full potential, as every area of operation and every period of time has its own challenges. In addition to ‘going concern’ every LAN team develops its own vision and accompanying strategy, and works towards defined goals in a results-oriented manner, whilst maintaining the freedom to experiment and improvise. There is a close working relationship between the LAN teams and The Hague.


Ms. Denise Lutz

Agricultural Counsellor
Ms. Yuko Saito Agricultural Advisor
Ms. Chitose Hatakoshi Agricultural Officer
Ms. Ryoko Matsumoto Management Assistant


Tel: 03-5776-5490
Twitter: @AgriTokio