Closing days 2023 Netherlands embassy and consulate-general in Italy

The Netherlands embassy in Rome and the consulate-general in Milan will be closed on the following days:

Closing days 2023

Day of the week Date Occasion
Friday 6 January Epiphany (IT)
Monday 10 April Easter Monday 
Tuesday 25 April Liberation Day (IT)
Thursday 27 April King's Day (NL)
Monday 1 May Labour Day (IT)
Friday 5 May Liberation Day (NL)
Thursday 18 May Ascension Day (NL)
Monday 29 May Pentecost (NL)
Friday 2 June Republic Day (IT)
Thursday 29 June Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (only Rome)
Tuesday 15 August Assumption of Mary (IT)
Wednesday 1 November All Saints' Day (IT)
Thursday 7 December Sant'Ambrogio (only Milan)
Friday 8 December Immaculate Conception Day (IT)
Monday 25 December Christmas
Tuesday 26 December Christmas