Word of welcome Ambassador Gilles Beschoor Plug

Dear visitor,

Welcome at the website of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tel Aviv. We take pride in welcoming you as a visitor, because it means you are interested in the Netherlands. Let me assure you that our countries have a longstanding, reliable relation, and it is seldom that I meet an Israeli who hasn’t been to the Netherlands. There is lots of interesting cooperation going on and even more to be explored.

The Embassy is here to inform you about all of that! It is a divers package. The most important fields are economic (trade, investment and innovation) and political cooperation (addressing regional and global challenges, safeguarding a liberal and free society). We are also active in cultural and consular activities. Specific services are given to members of the Resistance and victims of World War II.

For though our countries differ in many ways, there is a remarkable commonality as well and we share identical views on a large number of issues. This includes the readiness to learn from one another and to support the other where and when necessary. Dutch people and Israelis are no stranger to one another, and there is an increasing number of business and tourist visits from both sides.

This website aims to give you general information about our country and to provide you with specific addresses in case you need more or more detailed information on the subjects that are of interest to you. We ourselves are available if you have additional questions on living, working, studying, doing business in or just visiting the Kingdom. We will keep you updated on activities of the Embassy as well, so make this a favorite page and subscribe to our twitter accounts for frequent updates on our activities.

Hans Docter


Hans Docter