Political department and Press related affairs

The political department closely monitors developments in Israel and in the region to inform Dutch politicians and policy makers, to identify opportunities for cooperation and to promote bilateral relations between the Netherlands and Israel.


The Netherlands and Israel have traditionally maintained good political relations. There is intensive contact between the two countries at the political and official level. This interaction concerns the political developments in Israel and the Middle East, the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians and human rights.

The Netherlands cooperates with Israel in various areas that are important for both countries, ranging from cybersecurity to children's rights. To this end, Dutch delegations regularly travel to Israel and vice versa to consult and learn from each other's experiences.

The Netherlands supports the efforts to establish a comprehensive peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. The Netherlands is committed to a so-called two-state solution, in which a safe and internationally recognized Israel and an independent, democratic and viable Palestinian state coexist in peace. The Dutch government rejects unilateral steps that do not contribute to the peace process.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs visited Israel in January 2018. In September 2016, the Israeli Prime Minister visited the Netherlands. He was received by - among others - His Majesty the King and Prime Minister Rutte. The visit of the Israeli Prime Minister took place within the framework of the bilateral cooperation forum between the Netherlands and Israel. This cooperation forum was set up in 2013 to intensify relations between the two countries.

Press, Public Diplomacy and Culture

The press department maintains contact with Dutch correspondents in Israel and with the local press. Dutch and Israeli journalists can turn to the press department with questions about current themes or about Dutch policy.

Email: tel-pa@minbuza.nl

Staff members politics

Deputy Head of Mission and Head of Political Department

Mr. Mauritz Verheijden

Second Secretary

Ms. Janneke van Hemmen

Second Secretary

Mr. Willem Molenaar

Political Officer

Ms. Roos Frederikse

Secretary Political Department

Ms. Pnina Biton-Soetendorp

Trainee Political Affairs

Ms. Nina Verhoeven

Staff members Press, Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs

Head Press, Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs

Ms. Janneke van Hemmen

Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs Officer

Ms. Channa Nieuwenweg

Trainee Press, Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs

Ms. Sivan Ben Hamo