Defense department

The defense department of the Dutch embassy in Tel Aviv represents the Dutch defense interests in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories.

The department is responsible for the development and deployment of activities aimed at bilateral military cooperation in all functional areas in order to increase –when possible – the operational effectiveness and efficiency of the Dutch armed forces.

In addition, the department identifies the influence of military developments within the area of responsibility on Dutch defense policy. This is done by gathering, analyzing and reporting information on subjects that are important from a military, military, economic, strategic, operational and technical point of view for the political and military leadership of the Ministry of Defense.

The activities of the department take place within the framework of the Dutch Integrated Foreign and Security Strategy. To this end, the department maintains a broad network within the international community of defense attachés, military organizations, defense industry and security sector.


Staff members
Defense Attaché Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Mirjam Grandia Mantas
Assistant Defense Attaché   Polina Kozlovsky