Consular and Internal Affairs

An estimated 12,000 Dutch people live in Israel. The consular department fulfills a number of important tasks for Dutch people abroad, such as a first application or renewal of a regular travel document (by appointment) or for a temporary travel document.

The consular department is also responsible for the following tasks:

  • Publication of various consular statements.
  • Information about nationalities, name rights, adoption and other civil matters.
  • Contact point and assistance in case of loss, hospital admissions, and arrests. If arrest leads to detition, the consular department provides an information package and makes a first visit to the Dutch detainee.
  • Taking the basic civil integration examination to be able to apply for an authorization for temporary stay and residence permit in the Netherlands in case of family reunification. 
  • Taking the naturalization test for obtaining Dutch nationality.
  • Actualization of the Israel travel advise, in consultation with the political department.

The consular department can be reached outsie office hours through the Contact Center in the Netherlands. This Contact Center can be reached 24/7 via +31 247 247 247

Telephone number: +972 3 7540777 (during office hours)
Email address:

Staff members

Second Secretary and Head of General and Consular Sections

Mr. Willem Gommers

Deputy Head of General and Consular Affairs

Ms. Katja Shkury-Zweers

Assistant Consular Affairs

Ms. Astrid Rotholz-van Beek

Assistant General Affairs

Ms. Carola Mentink

Assistant Consular Affairs and Administrative Affairs

Ms. Sarah Navon-Hage