Closing days 2023 Embassy of the Netherlands in Israel

In 2023, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Israel will be closed on the following days (please note that the Embassy is always closed on Saturdays and Sundays):

Closing days 2023
Day of the week Date Occasion 
Wednesday 5 April (from 13:00 hours) Pesach Eve
Thursday 6 April Pesach
Monday  10 April Easter Monday
Wednesday 12 April (from 13:00 hours) Pesach
Thursday 13 April Pesach
Tuesday 25 April (from 13:00 hours) Independence Day Eve
Wednesday 26 April Independence Day
Thursday 27 April King's Day
Friday 5 May Liberation Day
Thursday 18 May Ascension Day
Thursday 25 May (from 13:00 hours) Shavuot Eve
Friday 26 May Shavuot
Monday 29 May Pentecost
Friday  15 September (from 13:00 hours) Rosh Hashanah
Monday  25 September Yom Kippur
Friday  29 September (from 13:00 hours) Sukkot Eve
Friday  6 October (from 13:00 hours) Simhat Torah
Monday  25 December Christmas
Tuesday  26 December Christmas