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Dutch priorities in Iraq

The Netherlands works with Iraq on migration, human rights, economic development and security. Our economic priorities in Iraq are agriculture, water and entrepreneurship.

Over the past four years (2014-2018), the Netherlands has provided 160 million dollars in support to Iraq. The Dutch diplomatic missions are located in Baghdad, Erbil and Basra.

Image: ©Ambassade Bagdad
Dutch Foreign Minister Blok opens a hospital in Fallujah.


Many Iraqis cannot return home, because their houses have been destroyed or because remaining mines prevent them from doing so. The Netherlands funds the United Nations (click link for more details) to restore bridges, roads and hospitals. The Embassy also funds organisations that clear mines. This work allows Iraq to begin the process of reconstruction.

Image: ©Ambassade Bagdad
Iraqi activist Rawan Salim Hussein wins Human Rights Tulip

Human rights

The Netherlands' Embassy in Baghdad and Consulate General in Erbil work with Iraq to support human rights and peaceful activists. In Iraq, the Netherlands works on its global commitment to human rights with a focus on minorities.

Image: ©Ambassade Bagdad
A diplomat speaks with young Iraqi entrepreneurs

Economic development

Iraq's future stability depends in large part on its economic development. The Netherlands supports the emerging Iraqi private sector, for example through its support for young Iraqi entrepreneurs who participate in the Orange Corners-programme.

The Netherlands also works to help restore the agriculture and water sectors. For example, the Embassy supports the water institute IHE Delft to help Iraq address issues such as salination. We also offer training courses to Iraqi civil servants, including in water management.

Looppad naar dok
Basra harbour


The government of the Netherlands has made subsidies available for Dutch businesses who want to help with Iraq's reconstruction. There is a clear Iraqi demand for Dutch expertise in the energy, water and agriculture sectors. Are you interested in what the government can offer? Visit the portal for doing business in Iraq (available in Dutch only).

Image: ©Ambassade Bagdad
Dutch military trains Iraqi soldiers


The Dutch military supports its Iraqi colleagues with training and advice. The Iraqi soldiers learn to shoot with greater accuracy, what tactics to apply in various operations, and how to defuse improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The Netherlands also participates in the NATO and EU missions to Iraq.

More information can be found on the website of the Netherlands' Ministry of Defence.

Image: ©VN Irak
Dutch Trade and Development Minister Kaag visits a demining project in Mosul.

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