Programme Erasmus Huis

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Programme 2018

Date Activity

6 & 13 & 20 Oct.

Singer & Songwriter

Two songwriters and one photographer travel together from West Sumatra to East Java discovering these islands through songs and images. See more.

18 Oct.

Dance Theatre AYA - VEIL

Veil is a touching dance performance about living between two worlds. With one foot in the Western culture. And the other in the culture of your parents. To bridge those cultures, you need to be flexible. Especially in your heart. See more.

8 Nov.         

Photo Exhibition - The Epic

SOH29 the Epic is a multi-pronged collaborative exhibition involving young Balinese children ages 6-10, a grand master of professional Balinese Dance, composer David Shea, costume designer Rien Bekkers and multimedia artist/filmmaker Alex Vermeulen. See more.


For a modern experience the Erasmus Huis will be completely renovated. The exhibition hall will be enlarged, the library will get a complete makeover, walls and ceilings will be painted, furniture will be replaced. In doing so we expect to be ready for the future and for a whole new exciting season 2018- 2019.

During the renovation we cannot use Erasmus Huis, but we will organize several events at alternative locations. Please check our newsletter and keep an eye on social media for the latest updates!