Programme Erasmus Huis

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Programme 2018

Date Activity

03 Mar. - 03 Apr.

Opening Exhibition "(I)Mobilitas"

Mobility has become so self-evident that we usually no longer think about it and it is just unknowingly overlooked, literally and figuratively. The means of transport has become a place to work, sleep, play and pray. One is hardly aware of time and space during the move.  See more.

29 Mar.

Dutch Film of the Month "Sergio Herman: F**king Perfect"

A behind the scenes documentary of one of the world’s best chefs who is totally obsessed with his job, Sergio Herman. See more.

11 Apr.

Piano Recital Alexander Ullman

Praised for his subtle interpretation and refined technical mastery, British pianist Alexander Ullman has impressed audiences and critics worldwide with his deep understanding of the scores he interprets, his elegant touch and crystalline phrasing. See more.

17 Apr.

Indonesian Heritage Society Evening Lecture

Focus on Indonesian Cinema: Setan Jawa by Asmara Abigail. See more.

19 Apr.

Dutch Film of the Month "Atlantic"

Atlantic is a 2014 Dutch-Belgian- German-Maroccan feature film, directed by Jan-Willem van Ewijk. See more.

28 Apr.

EDM Club Night: Orange Edition

The Erasmus Huis Electronic Dance Music Club Night Party Orange Edition is a night club experience at Erasmus Huis (the Dutch Cultural Centre of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) featuring DJ's from the Netherlands and Indonesia. See more.

2  May

Indonesian Heritage Society Evening Lecture

Indonesian Child Soldiers by Sydney Jones. See more.

03 - 12 May

Europe on Screen 2018

A film festival which will screen Europeans films, from different countries across Europe, in 10 days. Held in 6 big cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya and Yogyakarta between May 3rd until 12th, 2018. See more.

23 July

Concert Jungle by Night

Jungle by Night (nine young men) from Amsterdam have turned many dance floors into boiler rooms: nobody can withstand their unique blend of music- styles. See more.


For a modern experience the Erasmus Huis will be completely renovated. The exhibition hall will be enlarged, the library will get a complete makeover, walls and ceilings will be painted, furniture will be replaced. In doing so we expect to be ready for the future and for a whole new exciting season 2018- 2019.

During the renovation we cannot use Erasmus Huis, but we will organize several events at alternative location. Please check this newsletter for a sneak preview of events during the summer and keep an eye on social media for the latest updates! (More information on the renovation is on the other side of the newsletter.