Programme Erasmus Huis

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Programme 2018

Date Activity

8 - 21 Jan.

Exhibition "A History of Coffee"

Every cup of coffee we buy and drink connects us with a web of hidden stories around the world. See more.

25 Jan.

Fendry Ekel’s solo exhibition: “Entries”

Fendry Ekel – Entries is the title of Fendry Ekel’s solo exhibition in Erasmus Huis Jakarta, running from 25 January – 16 March, 2018.  See more.

27 Jan.

Concert 'Blaudzun'

Blaudzun is the Dutch singer-songwriter Johannes Sigmond. As a driven cyclist, he named himself after the (unknown) Danish cyclist Verner Blaudzun. See more.

27 Jan.: Jakarta

30 Jan.: Yogyakarta

31 Jan.: Solo

2 Feb.: Malang

20 Feb.

Indonesian Heritage Society Evening Lecture

Reforms in an Imperfect World: The Case of Indonesia by Dr. Muhamad Chatib Basri. See more.

23 Feb.

Theatre performance Kees van Amstel, powered by D'Amateurs

Kees van Amstel is a Dutch columnist, stand-up comedian and comedy text writer. See more.

12 Mar.

Cabaret “Dealing with the Dutch” by Plankgas

Are you Indonesian? Did you work or study in The Netherlands? Are you cooperating with a Dutch business partner or with the Netherlands Embassy in Indonesia? See more.

20 Mar.

Indonesian Heritage Society Evening Lecture

From Taboos to Traditional Tolerance by Ayu Utami. See more.

17 Apr.

Indonesian Heritage Society Evening Lecture

Focus on Indonesian Cinema: Setan Jawa by Asmara Abigail.

2  May

Indonesian Heritage Society Evening Lecture

Indonesian Child Soldiers by Sydney Jones. See more.

Erasmus Movie night

New in 2018!!! The Erasmus Huis monthly movie night!
Not ready to face the macet yet? Why not postpone your daily nuisance and watch an exciting movie at Erasmus Huis.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest update on dates and titles.