Financial support for cultural projects

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in India is now accepting proposals from the organizations working in the field of culture in India and the Netherlands. The objective of the open call is to give arts and culture the support it needs to play a more active role as vehicles for cultural development. 

The government of the Netherlands wants to strengthen international cultural exchange and cooperation as this nurtures us with new influences and images. Hence, the work and subjects of Dutch artists and cultural institutions not only becomes the source of inspiration and knowledge but also showcase what the Netherlands is about. 

The Netherlands is a country with an open outlook, keen to forge partnerships and find innovative solutions. The Dutch government is committed to further enhance the cultural ties between the Netherlands and India because of the artistic and economic opportunities for the Dutch cultural sector, artistic quality, social relevance, historical relationship and the foreign policy interest. 

In that framework the Embassy and Consulate Generals of the Netherlands in India launch a call to proposals that contribute to the further promotion of cooperation between Dutch and Indian professionals and cultural institutions. Given the limited availability of funds cultural opportunities exist notably in the following sectors and/or fields: 
•    Performing & visual arts; and 
•    Design (including fashion and textile design, artisanship, urban planning and landscape design)
•    Heritage cooperation (including museum cooperation, and intangible cultural heritage).

Content criteria for the application

1.    The project focuses on one (or several) of the three aforementioned fields 
2.    The project promotes cross cultural cooperation preferably in alignment with SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) between Indian and the Netherlands counterparts. 
3.    The project should have a clear outcome in a concrete and innovative way. Projects with new partnerships and long term impact will be an added value.
4.    The proposal must be developed by at least one Dutch and one Indian partner, each with a clear role within the project.
5.    The proposed activities is clearly identified and is reflected properly in the project proposal. 
6.    A strong communication strategy, as part of the project planning will be favorably received 

Assessment criteria of the projects 

1.    Grants are reserved for legal entities.
2.    The project has no commercial character.
3.    The call is reserved for projects that will take place between 15 January and 31 December 2023.
4.    Applications must include a budget proposal with a clear breakdown of budget allocation per activity. Applications without a well-defined budget proposal will not be considered.  (refer column 5 - Annex in the application form)
5.    The request must be at the latest submitted by 30 November, 2022. Proposals that will be received after 30 November will not be taken into account. 
6.    The applicant uses the attached application form for 2023. 
7.    The application form must be accompanied by a written confirmation from the Dutch/Indian counterpart(s) confirming that the application has been drawn up in mutual agreement.
8.    The requested financial contribution of the Embassy should be between €10.000 and €25.000 
9.    Priority is given to projects that produce concrete results, showcase cultural values of the Netherlands and has a wider public outreach.

What we offer?

1.    The available cultural budget is limited. We will therefore select a limited number of projects.
2.    The financial value (or a fair estimate) of any in-kind contributions (such as stationary, equipment and office space) cannot be included. 
3.    The funds are transferred to the applicant (legal entity) is responsible for paying the Dutch/Indian partners and any third parties.
4.    Grants are granted only if the resources of the Embassy and the Consulate Generals are sufficient. Only part of the applications will be accepted. In case of admission, the amount awarded may be less than the sum requested.
5.    Funding cannot be granted once the activity has started or after the activity has ended.

Application process

If your proposal complies with all of the above mentioned criteria, please fill in the Application Form . The Embassy will only accept proposals submitted in this format and sent to the email ID: The deadline for submitting project proposals is 14 December 2022 at 23.00hrs IST. Any requests or proposals received after the deadline will not be considered.