Consulate General in Mumbai: what we do

The Consulate General in Mumbai has the following departments. Each team also works with the corresponding departments in the Embassy in New Delhi, Consulate General in Bengaluru and our business offices in Ahmedabad & Hyderabad.

Consular Affairs:

The consular department provides a wide range of services related to the Netherlands for both Dutch and Indian nationals like the below:

  • Issuance of official and travel documents for Dutch nationals who live in India, for business/other requirements
  • Assistance for Dutch nationals when things go wrong abroad. This could range from emergencies, medical situations, missing person reports and assistance in case of the death of a loved one abroad
  • Issuance of official documents for Indian nationals who wish to go to the Netherlands on a long term basis (MVVs) for business/travel/personal reasons

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Economic Affairs:

The functions under economic diplomacy are mainly associated with increasing the bilateral engagement of both countries through trade and investment related work. This broadly falls under the below categories:

  • Assisting Dutch businesses who are already present in India/to foster them to establish their presence here
  • Promoting economic dialogue and cooperation in the key Dutch sectors of agriculture, creative industries, water, waste to energy, ports, infrastructure and logistics, life sciences & health
  • Assisting Dutch companies (small/large) to enter the Indian market through a variety of products & services
  • Facilitating small & large trade missions bilaterally
  • Facilitating orange carpet visa for Indian businesses to expand their network in the Netherlands

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Public Diplomacy, Culture & Communication

The functions of this department are mainly associated with increasing the visibility of the Netherlands in India. As part of this, we take care of the following tasks:

  • We organize events that promote exchanges and further cultural relations between India & the Netherlands
  • We work on the outreach towards key influencers (people & organizations) that can further the bilateral ties between India and the Netherlands
  • We actively communicate on the Indo-Dutch bilateral relationship through our social media channels -Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin
  • We support the communication needs for the economic policy priorities for the Dutch diplomatic network in India

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Innovation Attache (Holland Innovation Network)

Along with the department in the Embassy in New Delhi and Consulate General in Bengaluru, we work towards the following goals:

  • We promote the Dutch ecosystem & exchange of knowledge in the sectors of science, technology and innovation in India
  • We actively collaborate with Indian companies, institutions and government to foster research and development efforts with particular attention for space technology, the chemical sector, life sciences and food technology
  • We organize events that discuss possible synergies between India and the Netherlands within the Innovation Ecosystem

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An operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the NFIA is the first port of call in connecting you with a broad network of business partners, regional economic development organization and government institutions to facilitate your international expansion. Mainly associated with increasing the foreign direct investment into the Netherlands, as part of this, we take care of the following tasks:

  • We assist Indian companies present in India to expand their European operations in the Netherlands.
  • Provide free and confidential services which include:  organizing fact-finding trips, arranging meetings with relevant partners, providing personalized guidance on tax, permit procedures, location options and business solutions.

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You can find more information on NFIA’s website here & their Twitter channel here