Consular fees in Hong Kong

Fees of the various services at the Consulate in Hong Kong.

The consulate-general in Hong Kong prefers electronic payments by Dutch bank cards or a credit card (Visa or Mastercard). If you don't have a Dutch bank card or credit card, you can pay cash, in Hong Kong dollars (HKD). In that case we request you pay the exact amount.

Fees as of 1 October 2019




Schengen visa children < 6 years free of charge
Schengen visa children 6 - 11 years 35.00 301
Schengen visa normal fee 60.00 517
Schengen visa, low fee: visa facilitation for citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Ukraine and Russia 35.00 301
Carribbean visa 35.00 301
Schengen visa high fee 70.00 603
MVV (Authorisation for temporay stay), diffent fees, depending on purpose of stay
Obtaining Dutch nationality EUR HKD
Option procedure: single 187.00 1.612
Option procedure: plural 319.00 2.750
Option procedure: additional fee for a minor 21.00 181
Naturalisation: single, standard 881.00 7.594
Naturalisation: plural, standard 1,124.00 9.689
Naturalisation: single, lowered 655.00 5.646
Naturalisation: plural, lowered 899.00 7.750
Naturalisation: additional fee for a minor 130.00 1.120
Civic integration exam (for naturalisation) 350.00 3.017
Legalisations EUR HKD
Legalisation document 26,25 226