Using the Dutch Residence

You can use the presidency for a product launch, a business dinner or set up a networking event for your key clients in a prestigious environment. Read the guidelines and rules below or contact us for more information.

Villa Kleineh
©Villa Kleineh
Villa Kleineh

Villa Kleineh in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki

The Residence of the Netherlands Embassy in the heart of Kaivopuisto might be an interesting possiblity. For Dutch companies, organisations and their Finnish subsidiaries we offer the opportunity to make use of this special venue.

In the Use the Residence concept, the venue is rent-free. All other costs such as catering are to be covered by the event organiser.

For more information and guidelines, please read more in the documents below and/or email us:

Using the residency - how it works

- How it works

- Do's & Don'ts