Honorary consulates

There are six Dutch honorary consulates on the Finnish mainland and one the Åland Islands. The honorary consuls represent the Netherlands in various official occasions. In addition, they support and maintain the network of business contacts in Finland and they provide assistance to Dutch nationals in distress.

It is not possible to apply for traveldocuments at the honorary consulates. This is only possible in Helsinki.

Honorary consulate Kuopio

Honorary consul:
Mr. Pekka Ritvanen

Käsityökatu 9
70100 Kuopio

Phone: +358 40 570 7701
E-mail: pekkaritvanen@gmail.com

Honorary consulate Mariehamn

Honorary consul:
Mr. Jan-Erik Rask

p/a Nordea Bank
P.O. Box 23 (Torggatan 10)
22101 Mariehamn

Phone: +358 40 5314 014
E-mail: jan-erik.rask@nordea.fi 

Honorary consulate Oulu

Honorary consul:
Mr. Jouko Niinimäki

p/a University of Oulu
Pentti Kaiteran katu 1
90570 Oulu

Phone: +358 40 540 1060
E-mail: jouko.niinimaki@oulu.fi

Honorary consulate Rovaniemi

Honorary consul:
Mrs. Maarit Aho

p/a Hotel Santa Claus
Korkalonkatu 29
96200 Rovaniemi

Telefoon: +358 500 102 102
E-mail: maarit.aho@santashotels.fi

Honorary consulate Tampere

Honorary consul:
Mr. Johannes Haarla

p/a J. Haarla Oy
Pyhäjärvenkatu 5 A
33200 Tampere

Phone: +358 3 3399 1300
E-mail: johannes.haarla@chemifix.com

Honorary consulate Turku

Honorary consul:
Mr. Jan Söderholm

p/a Nordea Bank Finland Plc
Kauppiaskatu 9 B
20100 Turku

Phone: + 358 50 64164 
E-mail: jansoderholm1@gmail.com

Honorary consulate Vaasa

Honorary consul:
Mr. Juha Häkkinen

p/a Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce
Raastuvankatu 20
65100 Vaasa

Phone: +358 6 318 6431
E-mail: juha.hakkinen@chamber.fi