Meeuwes Brouwer - Agricultural Counselor

Meeuwes arrived in August 2020 in Ethiopia and represents together with his team the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality as well facilitates the Dutch agribusiness in Ethiopia.

His main focus is to promote relations, cooperation and business activities in the field of horticulture, dairy and poultry as well on policy topics like phytosanitary and veterinary market access matters, food safety, efficient use of water and food security (waste and losses).     

Meeuwes has been Agricultural Counsellor at the Netherlands Embassies in Moscow, Kiev and Bucharest. Furthermore, he was for over 4 years Chief Phytosanitary Officer at the Dutch Ministry of Agricultural and responsible for negotiations on phytosanitary market access issues worldwide. Meeuwes was also for five years the Spokesman for the Netherlands in European Agricultural Working Group and Management Committee Meetings on dairy and beef in Brussels.    

Meeuwes studied Agricultural Management at College and Agricultural Economics at the Agricultural University (WUR) in Wageningen.