Mahlet Dessie - Policy officer Agriculture

My name is Mahlet Mekuria. I have joined the Netherlands Embassy in Ethiopia as the Policy Officer for Agricultural  since September 2020. I am excited about the opportunity of working with colleagues at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality and the Embassy on prioritized policy areas and selected projects to support the Dutch Private Sector for an inclusive and sustainable development.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Science and a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management from Addis Ababa University. I have more than 9 years’ experience in the banking Industry, private sector, international organizations such as the United Nations, as well as the public sector.

My recent work as a public servant provided me with an opportunity to attract and support the agribusinesses including Dutch companies in their trade and investment endeavors in Ethiopia. I believe working in the embassy in the Agriculture team will provide me the opportunity to continue the work I have been doing to enable the private sector and support the achievement of the Ministry of LNV’s overall objective of contributing to a sustainable development and food security.

As the Netherlands is the leading trading and investment partner from EU countries in Ethiopia and is also one of the countries that provides large amount of financing and technical support to improve the Ethiopian Agriculture, it is an honor to join the Agriculture team at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ethiopia to contribute my part in fostering the relationship between the two countries.