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  1. Hoekstra takes office as Minister of Foreign Affairs

    On 10 January 2022 the members of the fourth Rutte government were sworn in. The new Minister of Foreign Affairs is Wopke ...

    News item | 10-01-2022 | 12:00

  2. Beware of job scams

    Many people are being cheated with job offers and lotteries that do not exist. Stop and think before you part with your money, ...

    News item | 19-08-2021 | 13:04

  3. Photocontest

    News item | 03-05-2021 | 13:52

  4. Survey into services provided by the Dutch government

    Do you live, work or study outside the Netherlands? Take our survey into services provided by the Dutch government before 1 July ...

    News item | 12-06-2020 | 12:43