Who are we?

Here you will find the contact details of staff working at the embassy.

Embassy Estonia

Telephone number: +372 6805500
E-mail: tal@minbuza.nl

Staff Function Contact details
Özlem Canel Ambassador tal@minbuza.nl

+372 6805500

Iris de Groot Deputy Head of Mission itw-de.groot@minbuza.nl

+372 6805511

Kadri Pedas Senior Trade and Investment Promotion Officer tal-ea@minbuza.nl

+372 6805521

Mari Märjamaa Operational Manager tal-az@minbuza.nl

+372 6805502

Margot Roose Business Development Baltics & Finland margot.roose@minbuza.nl

+372 6805522

Laine den Hollander, Lieutenant-Colonel RNLA Defence Attaché to Lithuania, co-accredited in Estonia and Latvia   laine-den.hollander@minbuza.nl

+370 694 64 526