Trade and investment in the Netherlands for business people from Egypt

Do you want to invest in the Netherlands? Dutch businesses can work with you in the fields of water, food, energy and more.

Trade and investment in the Netherlands

Investing in the Netherlands

There are plenty of reasons to invest in the Netherlands, for example:

  • Its geographical location, on the coast of Western Europe, means the Netherlands has 500 million potential customers close by.
  • Infrastructure is highly developed and includes Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the Port of Rotterdam, roads, railway lines and broadband access.
  • Dutch people have a high level of education thanks to the excellent education system. Around 90% of Dutch people speak English and many also speak other foreign languages.

Trade and investment

Dutch companies can work with you on global challenges in the fields of water, food, energy, health and security.

At you can find examples of Dutch solutions in these fields.

Information for businesses from this country or region

The Netherlands Foreign Investment (NFIA) provides foreign companies with assistance in establishing, expanding or re-organizing their pan-European operations in the Netherlands. The NFIA can assist Egyptian companies at every stage of their strategic decision-making with information, advice and practical help in strict confidence, without obligation and free of charge. Detailed information and statistics can be provided in areas such as economics, operating costs, fiscal matters and business locations. Another part of the NFIA service is arranging fact-finding trips, site visits and meetings with other companies that have chosen the Netherlands as their European base. The NFIA can also offer introductions to lawyers, tax consultants, national, regional and local organizations, as well as regional development agencies.

Eurostat provides statistics on EU-Egyptian trade. Working papers on different sectors and regions are available on the website.

The Holland International Distribution Council (NDL/HIDC) provides assistance to international and foreign companies seeking to help with logistics and distribution of their products in the Netherlands or via the Netherlands to the rest of Europe. However, HIDC does not provide matchmaking services with product representatives or agents/dealers/distributors.

The Dutch customs website provides information on entry, import/export of goods, storage, transports of goods etc.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) provides independent scientific advice on all matters linked to food and feed safety - including animal health and welfare and plant protection - and provides scientific advice on nutrition in relation to EU Community legislation.