Peace and justice

The Netherlands is your partner in peace and justice.

International law creates a level playing field, and lays down clear, predictable rules that apply equally to all. A functioning international legal order is in the interests of all countries.

Peace Palace The Hague

Legal capital of the world

The Hague is known as the legal capital of the world. The Peace Palace is a symbol of this role.

Some 160 international organisations have offices in and around The Hague, including:

  • the International Court of Justice
  • the Permanent Court of Arbitration
  • the International Criminal Court
  • the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
  • the Special Court for Sierra Leone
  • the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Access to Justice

The Netherlands and UNICEF Egypt provide community service, training, and rehabilitation opportunities  for children in conflict with the law as alternatives to detention.

This helps them to stay away from criminal activity and help them to find decent employment.


Shiraka, a Netherlands-MENA Partnership, is a Dutch bilateral effort to support sustainable political transition in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).

Shiraka was launched in 2016 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a successor to the Matra South Programme. The broader programme consists of training courses for government employees (STP) and government-to-government cooperation (G2G).

Among other topics, there are trainings on Administration of Justice, Legislation and Local Governance. Egyptian Government official are eligible to participate in these training courses.

Contact the embassy

If you want to know more about peace and justice in the Netherlands, the Dutch embassy in Cairo is more than happy to help you.