Creative industries, art and culture

The Netherlands is paying special attention to how culture and creativity could contribute to social innovation and to better living. In this sense, the Netherlands promotes exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience between Dutch and Egyptian artists and practitioners, with particular focus on youth.

This is done by providing opportunities for collaboration and co-creation. The Netherlands aims to create more appreciation and demand for arts and culture as well as enhancing socio-cultural and economic environment through creativity.

Creative Industries

Dutch Creative Industries are currently gaining considerable international acclaim. They are in the top ten in the world and have a particularly strong reputation in interior design, gaming, fashion, and architecture.

Creative Industries embrace risks in the creative processes that lead to unpredictable outcomes rather than seeking safety. Dutch creative companies look at complex issues and social issues in new and refreshing ways.

Dutch Creative Industries are not only characterized by innovative products and services with an artistic or economic value, but also are distinguished in terms of their working methods.

The annual turnover of the Dutch Creative Industries is around 7.1 billion euros, representing 1.9% of the Dutch economy. Part of this turnover is earned abroad, ranking the Netherlands in 8th place for creative export across the globe.

Dutch-Egyptian cultural relations

For the period 2017-2020, the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Egypt seeks to empower and invigorate the cultural and creative sector in Egypt. Furthermore, it aims to reach out, build and engage with a wider audience beyond cultural hubs. In addition, it works on creating more appreciation and demand for arts and culture, as well as reinforcing the socio-cultural and economic environment through creativity.

In cooperation with other Dutch organizations, the Dutch Embassy in Egypt provides support and facilitates opportunities for international exchange and cooperation between Egyptian and Dutch cultural actors, aiming for the following results:

  • More participation in cultural events by a diverse audience,
  • Stronger local cultural sector contributing to social innovation,
  • Sustainable preservation of local cultural heritage,
  • Safer, more sustainable urban living environment.
Example of Egyptian festivals presenting Dutch artists collaborate with Egyptian counterparts

Part II of 'Design for Happiness'workshop for architects and urbanists by T+LOCAL in the Garbage Collectors Neighborhood in Cairo. Part I was implemented in collaboration with Al-Azhar University.

'Relevance and Connection' training on museology and site management in Minia, led and accredited by the Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam University of the Arts for conservators, curators, inspectors in the frame work of collaboration between the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, NVIC and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Egypt.