Policy Officer Migration and Regional Affairs

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Cairo is looking for a "Policy Officer Migration and Regional Affairs". If you are interested in this position, kindly send you motivation letter and CV  via email to Kai@minbuza.nl. The Deadline for application is 26 September 2019.

The position is for 37.5 hours workweek and scaled in local salary scale 9. If you have any question, please send an email to the above mentioned email addess.

General features of the Job

  • As a policy officer you contribute to the following policy objectives of the embassy together with two other colleagues: 1) migration cooperation; 2) track Egypt's relations with neighbouring countries and its regional role; 3) strengthen international legal order; 4) peace, security and stability- in particular looking at the region; 5) European cooperation.
  • The policy officer is responsible for helping to develop policy and to report on relevant developments; for engaging in developmental diplomacy exerting influence in accordance with policy developed; for initiating, acquiring, developing and managing projects to be financed mainly in the field of migration.
  • The tasks of the policy officer can involve other policy fields if necessary.
  • Core profile of employee:
    • You have a broad interest, strong analytical and project management skills and you have a political antenna.
    • You are by nature a cooperative team player who likes to work together, share information and is willing to help colleagues. You will primarily work as part of a team and not individually.
    • You are eager to learn, enthusiastic and initiative-oriented and you oversee complex dossiers.
    • You have a sharp pen in impeccable English.
    • You are proactive, flexible and you can handle deadlines well.
    • You dare to go out and are able to quickly build a relevant network.

Duties and Result Areas

Description of duties:

  • Following up and reporting, together with other colleagues working on these themes, on important developments, particularly in the area of migration and regional politics, with due attention to developing/maintaining relevant networks.
  • Translating overall ministerial policy frameworks into proposals for specific action by the embassy.
  • In line with the embassy’s multi-annual country strategy, annual plan, and other policy frameworks, contribute together with other colleague dealing with migration to the embassy’s development cooperation projects portfolio in the field of migration with due attention to administrative aspects. Formulating our response to project proposals (feedback on all aspects of a proposal such as its budget, logical-framework, workplan and project structure). Formalising our support to a project, supervising its implementation as formally agreed and ensuring internal and external coordination and integration with other activities or projects.
  • Representing the Kingdom of the Netherlands at relevant donor coordination meetings when needed. Operate in relevant policy networks in order to engage in policy   dialogue and exert influence to further Netherlands policy objectives.

Description of result areas:

  • To report on migration and regional political issues that are relevant to the Netherlands broader agenda and forms an input to broader policy making. To take necessary action requested by headquarters with respect to broader policy implementation.
  • To contribute to identifying possibilities for (co) funding of projects/programmes falling under Dutch international development policy’s priority areas, with special focus on migration.
  • To co-develop and review project proposals and budgets to ensure their compliance with policies and priorities, carry out extensive project appraisals, and draw up cooperation agreements with implementing organisations.
  • To review progress and discuss with implementing agencies and team leaders;
  • To coordinate and participate in field visits;
  • To appraise annual plans and progress reports as submitted by organisations funded;
  • To appraise financial claims, requests for financial transfers in consultation with the financial controllers/budget administrator;
  • To participate in relevant meetings of donor coordination sub-groups, when needed.
  • To follow developments in Dutch policy on relevant topics.
  • To follow developments in Egypt in areas/sectors relevant for the Netherlands policy.
  • To establish and maintain a diverse network of contacts within governmental agencies, national councils, civil society organizations, and multi-lateral and bi-lateral donor agencies.
  • To draft and prepare speeches, talking points, and background notes for the Netherlands Ambassador and members of the Management Team on relevant issues.
  • To actively participate in relevant embassy cluster meetings and to contribute to their respective work plans.
  • To contribute to the embassy’s annual plan, as well as annual progress reports on relevant policy themes.

Working Environment

  • The embassy in Cairo is the second largest mission of the Netherlands in Africa with more than 40 employees, 15 of whom are deployed from the Netherlands. The embassy is active in the fields of politics, economy, agriculture, water, energy, migration, culture, gender, defense and police.
  • The Embassy has changed its internal working culture along the lines of the so-called New Way of Working, that emphasizes mutual cooperation. There are no more departments, but work is taking place in seven clusters. Working in clusters aims to improve the quality of the (end) products of the embassy. By forming clusters that correspond with the themes of the Multi-year Country Strategy and the Annual Plan, the desired cooperation is explicitly given shape. By working together on themes, employees are better able to understand the required end product, to reinforce each other's contributions, to analyze their impact on the outcome, to learn from each other and to improve mutual communication. The ultimate goal is that clusters within given frameworks become self-steering as much as possible.
  • The policy officer will be supervised by the deputy Head of Mission and will work in close cooperation with colleagues working on related themes.
  • The embassy is in a process of internal readjustment now that the Netherlands government has decided to re-engage with Egypt in the field of development cooperation. In the past the Netherlands had a long-term development program with Egypt, but this was phased out in 2014. The Netherlands is developing a new development program with the priorities being water/agriculture/food security, social development (gender), and migration.

Specific Job Requirements

Level of education: university level (masters in migration studies, international relations, political science or other relevant academic fields)

Level of experience: at least 2-5 years’ of relevant experience in the field of migration and geo-political affairs is required

  • Understanding of social and specialised developments in relation to the areas in which the embassy operates.
  • Knowledge of project management, methods and techniques for drawing up project plans and performing evaluations, and skill in using them.
  • Understanding of relevant ministerial frameworks and legislation in the policy areas concerned.
  • Skill in translating insights and information into advice, plans and reports, and in assessing their policy and financial implications.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit to engage in developmental diplomacy.
  • Excellent team player that puts the team result above his/her own visibility.
  • Knowledge and expertise in the field of migration and politics.
  • Possesses solid political and analytical skills and capable of analysing problems from different angles.
  • Working experience in Egypt, preferably with donor countries, academia, think tanks and/or international organisations.
  • Languages: fluent in spoken and written English and Arabic; some knowledge of Dutch would be an advantage;
  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills;
  • Excellent networking skills, specifically in  civil society  and among other relevant actors.  
  • A self-starter and able to work in a structured manner