Finding a business partner in the Netherlands for entrepreneurs from Denmark

The main task of the Department of Trade and Economic Affairs is to promote the economic intersts of the Netherlands in Denmark. The department provides information and advice to Dutch companies wishing to enter the Danish market or who wish to settle in Denmark and Danish companies who want to import from the Netherlands or wish to settle in the Netherlands.

If your country has a chamber of commerce in the Netherlands, this is also a recommended point of contact.

Information for businesses from this country or region

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Contact the Department of Trade and Economic Affairs


Søren Lester
Senior beleidsmedewerker
Tel: +45 33 70 72 36

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Hilde Posthoorn
Tel: +45 33 70 72 35

Regional Business Development team

The Regional Business Development team is part of the economic network in the Nordics and the Baltics. The team maps business cases and projects in the region, looks for companies and research institutions and thereafter works on a plan to seize the opportunities together. We have information that cannot be found on google, an exclusive cross-sectorial network, a regional overview of the business opportunities, together with the embassies we regularly organize network- or matchmaking events in the region and in the Netherlands, and we are regularly attending trade fairs and seminars.


Yvette Entius

Head of Business Development - Nordics & Baltics

+45 314 94 140

Daniel Malmgren de Oliveira

Business Development – Nordics

+46 72 856 49 84

Margot Roose

Business Development – Baltics

+372 53 63 66 93