Department of defence

The representation of Dutch defence interests in the Kingdom of Denmark is one of the duties that falls under the department of defence of the Dutch Embassy in Oslo (Norway).

The department collects, analyzes and reports on subjects that are important for the Dutch Ministry of defence from a military-political, military-economic, strategic, operational and technical point of view.

The main objective of the defense attaché is to identify, investigate and intensify existing military cooperation between the Netherlands and the Kingdom of Denmark.

Contact information

Officer Function Phone Email
Kaptein ter Zee (KTZ) Herman de Groot Defence attché (location Oslo)  +47 23333640
Luitenant-kolonel (LtKol) Roel Cuppes Deputy defence attaché (location Oslo) +47 23333640
Wietske Boskma Assistent defence attaché (location Oslo) +47 23333640