Department of agriculture, nature and food quality

The department of agriculture, nature and food quality represents Dutch interests in Denmark. We focus on agri-food, horticulture, fishery and the forestry sectors in Denmark, both in policy and in business matters.

On the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality you can find more information about, among other things, the agriculture sector in Denmark, relevant market developments and trade activities. The department of agriculture, nature and food quality is active on social media.

Our priorities


  • Supplying information to the Netherlands government, the businesses and the interest groups on agrifood-related political and economic developments in Denmark.
  • Promoting Dutch agrifood exports and investments.
  • Informing the Danish business sector about relevant developments in the Netherlands for the benefit of cooperation within the agrifood and horticultural sector.
  • Informing the Danish governments about political and administrative developments on the field of agriculture, nature and food quality.


  • response to trade inquiries
  • tailor-made market information about a specific sector or region
  • obtaining information about laws and regulations in Denmark
  • information about trade fairs, congresses and agro meetings
  • organization of trade activities such as seminars, trade missions and network meetings
  • organization of collective trade fair participation and promotion of the Dutch agricultural sector

Contact information

Officer                 Function                    Phone no.          Email               
Peter Vermeij          Agricultural Counsellor (staioned in Berlin) +49 3020956480
Renske Nijland       Agricultural Advisor Denmark (also Norway, Sweden) +45 33707237

Nicole Sentse Project manager +45 31409512