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Sustainable Solutions to Feed the World - Discussing Food Security

The United Nations (UN) predicts the world’s population will grow by some 2.5 billion people by 2050, and 70 percent of the...

News item | 19-09-2017 | 10:18

Beijing Design Week 2017 - Our Future Cities seminars

In the seminar sessions Our Future Cities, organized by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Urban Environment...

News item | 18-09-2017 | 05:03

Dutch Design & Beijing Design Week 2017

Looking at the bigger picture During the Beijing Design Week 2017 a broad range of Dutch design is featured throughout...

News item | 15-09-2017 | 09:47

Knowledge exchange for a greener road and better environment

“How can we build our world with the least impact on the environment?” That is what Dura Vermeer,  a family-owned Dutch...

News item | 11-09-2017 | 09:40

Sino-Dutch cooperation results in safe, green roads

Road structures and maintenance might not sound very exciting, but it is a hot topic for both the Netherlands and China. As Mr....

News item | 07-09-2017 | 09:12

On the road to fruitful cooperation and a green future

The Netherlands is covered with about 130.000 kilometers of road. As a small country, that is quite a dense road network. One...

News item | 04-09-2017 | 10:23

Those who are noble are patient, or they strive for market access

The title of largest export market for agricultural products outside the EU belongs to China. And the Netherlands is number 2...

News item | 01-09-2017 | 12:16

Tackling food waste the Dutch way

Beijing covers 46% of all China’s food imports. This means the city is a hub for international food imports. But how much of...

News item | 25-08-2017 | 03:34

Not a target, but humans

Conflicts and war have a severe impact on civilians. Forced to hide or run for their lives, children are taken out of school,...

News item | 18-08-2017 | 06:55

Open call for artists: GREAT WALLS, Beijing

You are invited to be part of the GREAT WALLS in Beijing project. Your art will be displayed in public during the Beijing...

News item | 14-08-2017 | 08:56