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Statement by the Spokesperson on the 5th anniversary of the “709 crackdown” on human rights lawyers and defenders

Brussels, 08/07/2020 Five years ago, beginning on 9 July 2015, the Chinese government arrested and detained more than 300 human ...

News item | 10-07-2020 | 06:53

Survey into services provided by the Dutch government

Do you live, work or study outside the Netherlands? Take our survey into services provided by the Dutch government before 1 July ...

News item | 12-06-2020 | 12:43

Statement by the EU Spokesperson on the release of human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang

Brussels, 05/04/2020 The release of human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang on 5 April, at the end of his four and half year’s ...

News item | 08-04-2020 | 16:49

Statement by the Spokesperson of the EU on the case of Gui Minhai

Gui Minhai, a Swedish national, has today been sentenced by a Chinese court to ten years' imprisonment.

News item | 26-02-2020 | 03:29

The Netherlands as a model Green City for China

“China is rapidly urbanizing, by 2030 there will be more than 1 billion urban consumers…’ To compare statistics, the Netherlands’ ...

News item | 16-12-2019 | 04:23

Statement of the EU Delegation in China on International Human Rights Day

On 10 December 2019 the international community marks the 71st anniversary of the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of ...

News item | 10-12-2019 | 10:02

Ambassador Wim Geerts presents credentials to President Xi Jinping

After presenting a copy of his credentials in September, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to China Wim Geerts ...

News item | 26-11-2019 | 01:59

Ready for launching! Dutch Startup Bootcamp Shanghai II

Dutch entrepreneurs are known for their tech-savviness, forward-thinking and open business culture. They are always looking for ...

News item | 18-11-2019 | 03:24

Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the EU on the occasion of the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists

Freedom of expression, in all its forms, is the very essence of democracy. Only with a thriving, free and independent media ...

News item | 04-11-2019 | 09:04

“We sent 50 years of meteorological data from China to the Netherlands”

“春种一粒粟,秋收万颗子” "If you plant a grain of millet in spring, you will reap ten thousand seeds in autumn." September is the first ...

News item | 22-10-2019 | 09:00