Finding a business partner in the Netherlands for entrepreneurs from China

Are you looking for a business partner in the Netherlands? Please contact your country's embassy in the Netherlands.

If your country has a chamber of commerce in the Netherlands, this is also a recommended point of contact.

Information for businesses from this country or region

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), is an operational unit of Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Whether you are considering locating in the Netherlands or have existing operations here, NFIA is prepared to assist your company at every stage of establishing or expanding operations here. 

NFIA works closely with the Invest in Holland Network, a powerful team of regional economic development agencies and several large cities, to provide a continuum of free, confidential support services to new foreign investors, as well as existing foreign investors that already have operations in the Netherlands. Start with NFIA and we will connect you to the right partners in our network to assist with everything from recruiting talent to introducing you to powerful public-private partnerships.

Fact finding

Starting in your country of origin, the NFIA is prepared to assist your company in every stage of establishing, rolling out or expanding operations in the Netherlands. We organize fact-finding missions and meetings with relevant partners, as well as provide personalized guidance and counsel on tax, government and permit procedures, location options and business solutions. We provide up-to-date, customized information on relevant business locations, Dutch legislation and tax regulations and many other subjects during preliminary in-person meetings; organize customized fact-finding trips; present concrete solutions that simplify and optimize establishment in the Netherlands and offer tailor-made support by NFIA specialists in key sectors.


One of the core aspects of the NFIA’s mission is to place the Dutch business climate systematically on the country’s political agenda by serving as an advocate and liaison between business and government. In this way, the NFIA and its network of partners serve as a channel through which you can share your views and experiences concerning the business investment climate in the Netherlands with the Dutch government. The NFIA puts your feedback in the right hands so that it may be used as input for future decision-making.

NFIA China

NFIA China is actively promoting the Netherlands and assisting Chinese companies to set up in the Netherlands. Through its offices at the embassy in Beijing and the consulates-general in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing, a wide range of services is offered to Chinese companies.