Peace and justice: the Netherlands and China

The Netherlands is your partner in peace and justice.

International legal order

International law creates a level playing field, and lays down clear, predictable rules that apply equally to all. A functioning international legal order is in the interests of all countries.

Legal capital of the world

The Hague is known as the legal capital of the world. The Peace Palace is a symbol of this role.

Some 160 international organisations have offices in and around The Hague, including:

  • the International Court of Justice
  • the Permanent Court of Arbitration
  • the International Criminal Court
  • the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
  • the Special Court for Sierra Leone
  • the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Peace and justice: the Netherlands and your country or region

The Netherlands is the only country in the world where promoting international law is enshrined in the constitution. The Kingdom is strongly committed to the international legal order and works actively to promote peace and development worldwide. The Netherlands seeks a world in which people everywhere can be sure that justice will prevail. The Dutch dedication to international law has made The Hague the headquarters of numerous multinational legal institutions. The Hague is home to no less than 160 international institutes and agencies, employing 18.000 servants of peace.

The Netherlands works closely with the global community to advance legal structures and values that protect those without their own voice. The Netherlands also plays a role in preventing and resolving conflicts through its involvement in international peacekeeping missions. The Dutch commitment to peace and justice helps form the foundation of a more equitable, peaceful and stable world.