Water management: finding solutions together

Canada and the Netherlands have cutting edge expertise in water management. Experts from both sides of the Atlantic are teaming up to find an integrated and innovative approach to water issues like increased flood risk and plastic waste pollution.

Aerial view of urban seaside area
Image: ©Michael Mayer / CCby2.0

Arcadis managing Toronto flood protection project

Canadian firm Colliers Project Leaders and Dutch firm Arcadis and are working together to prevent part of downtown Toronto from flooding. Port Lands is an underdeveloped stretch of waterfront in danger of flooding during extreme weather events. Floodwaters from the Don River could also overwhelm surrounding communities. To protect the area, Colliers is constructing a river valley, infrastructure and parks. Arcadis is project managing the Waterfront Toronto’s Port Lands Flood Protection project and provides on site technical support and risk analyses. The project started in 2018 and will take another 5 years to finish.

Marine plastic litter has a global, devastating impact on oceans, marine life and (coastal) communities. The Canada-led Ocean Plastics Charter aims to prevent waste and ensure plastics are designed to be reused or recycled. The Netherlands, together with the EU and G7, has endorsed the Ocean Plastic Charter to take concrete steps towards healthy oceans and ecosystems.
Young man in harbour and large waste bags
Image: ©The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup hauling plastic trash to Vancouver

In december 2019 60 cubic-metre bags filled with plastic trash were brought ashore in Vancouver. The plastic was collected from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the first haul brought to shore by The Ocean Cleanup.

This organization founded by Dutchman Boyan Slat aims to rid the oceans of plastics. The non profit has its headquarters in Rotterdam and a base in BC. In a video, Boyan Slat talks about the plans for the plastic catch.