How do you receive your document after processing?

When your passport, visa, consular declaration or legalised document is ready to be handed over, you can collect the document in person at the mission where you applied for it.  You bring ID.  You do not need to make an appointment for pick up. Do check the opening hours of the mission.  NB. at the Embassy in Ottawa you may also collect on a Wednesday morning: their consular department is otherwise closed on that day.

Or, you can opt to have either of these documents shipped by submitting a prepaid selfaddressed  'Xpresspost' envelope from Canada Post.

These options are also available to residents of the United States who have submitted an application in Canada.

NB> We can send a legalized document / declaration  per regular mail  at no additional cost.

Mailing instructions using (trackable) ' Xpresspost'  envelope:

Within Canada

  • Canada Post ‘Xpresspost’ envelope , choose from ‘Regional’ or ‘National’ (whichever applies to you); up to 4 passports will fit the Standard (small) Size.

To the USA (or International destination) from Canada

  • Canada Post ‘Xpresspost’ envelope for  ‘USA’  or ' International'

Additional information

  • the Xpresspost envelop should be submitted preferably at the time of the application. 
  • A special ‘sticker’ can be purchased at Canada Post and put on the envelope: this will require a signature upon delivery for added security.

    Canada Post offices are located near the Embassy and Consulates.

Important: disclaimer

Mailing the documents directly to your (home) address is entirely at your own risk.The Embassy/Consulate-General is not responsible for loss of or damages to a document once it has been shipped using the Canada Post 'Xpresspost' envelope you provided.