Promoting and protecting human rights together

Canada and the Netherlands work together to promote and protect human rights worldwide.

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Orange the world: supporting women's rights

Canada says no to violence against women. Canada and the Netherlands work closely together to promote this goal. Every year, the Dutch ambassador in Ottawa and Nobel Women’s Initiative host a lunch at the ambassador’s residence with women rights defenders from around the world.

The lunch links grassroots women activists and organizations to high level international policy makers, providing the women’s rights activists the opportunity to network, explain what kind of support they need from donors to be more effective in their work and to share women-led strategies. The lunch marks the international Orange the World campaign kickoff.

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Equal rights for LGBTI people

Canada and the Netherlands both stand up for equal rights for LGBTI persons worldwide. Together with countries around the world, Canada and the Netherlands support LGBTI communities and human rights activist under pressure and are trying to stop criminalization of homosexuality. The Netherlands mission network in Canada actively supports the international efforts. We participate in roundtables, IDAHOT events, pride parades and information exchanges.

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Our doors are open to Civil Society Organizations, youth, artists and others who are promoting the rights of LGBTI persons in our own countries and worldwide. During the Pride Parades in Canada we use large delft blue blow up ‘kissing boys’ to underline the Dutch position: people are free to love who they want to love! Netherlands embassies in countries all over the world have followed the example and have been using the ‘kissing boys’, too.