Netherlands' representations in Canada

The Netherlands is represented throughout Canada. The embassy and consulates-general (CG) are staffed by diplomats, under the leadership of the ambassador and consuls-general respectively. They are employed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, stationed here for a specific period of time (4-5 years).

In areas where no embassy or CG is present, honorary consuls (HC's) are often present as Dutch representatives.

Overview of our chief representatives

Occupation Name Location

Ines Coppoolse

Embassy Ottawa
Consul-general Harman Idema Consulate-general Toronto
Consul-general Sebastiaan Messerschmidt Consulate-general Vancouver
Honorary consul Jerry Bouma (interim) Honorary consulate Calgary
Honorary consul Jerry Bouma Honorary consulate Edmonton
Honorary consul Guido Kerpel Honorary consulate Halifax
Honorary consul Michael Polak Honorary consulate Montreal
Honorary consul Charles Beaudet Honorary consulate Quebec
Honorary consul Peter Vanriel Honorary consulate Saskatoon
Honorary consul Virginie de Visscher Honorary consulate Winnipeg