Brazil is a worldwide frontrunner in generating a clean primary energy matrix, diversifying from a long history of fossil fuels dominance. The Netherlands’ technology expertise in energy transition is present in Brazil through partnerships and projects. Both countries aim at innovative and integrated approach towards cleaner solutions.


Dutch companies are specialized in upgrading technologies for complex biogas installations. Brazil and the Netherlands cooperate to achieve turn-key solutions to promote and facilitate business opportunities in the sector.

Circular Economy

Ambitious sustainable actions go hand-in-hand with economic growth and job creation. CE collaboration between Brazil and the Netherlands started in 2015 and generated more than 10 joint actions. This year the Dutch Circular Economy Association and the State of Rio’s Federation of Industries signed a cooperation agreement towards introducing circular business concepts within the private sector industry in Brazil.

From offshore oil & gas to offshore wind

Many Dutch majors, present in the oil & gas offshore exploration, are key players in the Brazilian market. Looking at long term prospects for cleaner energy, they are involved in projects to develop offshore wind parks. The Dutch have a strong presence in this energy transition challenge.