Since 2011, Brazil’s and the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, have a treaty on cooperation in defence-related matters. The purpose of this cooperation is to promote military activities, activities related to military equipment and systems, as well as exchanges on defense and security matters. The scope of this cooperation is, among others:

- cooperation in the field of research, development, logistical support and procurement of defence products, defence equipment and services;

- sharing knowledge and experience gained in the field of military missions and operations;

- sharing knowledge in the field of defence technology;

- common activities in the fields of military training, instruction and exercises.

In order to give the military cooperation with the Brazilian Armed Forces the necessary attention, the Netherlands Ministry of Defence appointed a Defence Attaché (non-resident) based in The Hague. The Netherlands Defence Attaché is supported by a local assistant working at the Netherlands embassy in Brasilia.


Defence Attaché Jaap Hubbelmeijer:

Assistant Danilo Carmino da Silva: