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NBSO Belo Horizonte is part of the Dutch Economic Network in Brazil. Since its opening, NBSO has been supporting the strengthening of economic, political, academic and cultural ties, striving to support Dutch companies in establishing their activities in Minas Gerais, as well as further developing the international cooperation between the regions. We work closely together with local stakeholders from Minas Gerais, both from the public and the private sector, always looking for innovative and integrated approaches and co-creation of joint projects and opportunities.

Energy - Biogas

There are several opportunities for trade and partnerships between institutions from The Netherlands and from Minas Gerais in the field of Biogas. Import opportunities for companies in Minas Gerais were identified in all biogas generation phases. Besides, opportunities for trade agreements, cooperation between companies, and notices for international programs that can be explored by Dutch companies to operate in Minas.

Agriculture & Food

As a major importer of pre-packaged food and food products, Brazil (and Minas Gerais) represents an important market opportunity for global food producers, distributors and retailers. Together, the Netherlands and Minas Gerais have a huge potential for trading and partnering in the fields of Sanitizing, Cutting, Freezing, Weighing, Packaging, Tracking of fruits and vegetables.

Life Sciences & Health

The Dutch Life Sciences and Health sector has a leading position in the world. Brazil faces similar societal challenges as The Netherlands, which leads to business and research opportunities and many partnerships between the two countries, for example in e-health, hospital design & build, medical devices & supplies and healthy ageing.

Water & Mining

In cooperation between companies, knowledge institutes and governments both from Minas Gerais and from The Netherlands, we can offer joint solutions for mayor challenges in the mining industry. Opportunities can be seen in the areas of supply of mining equipment and consultancy in areas of Monitoring (incl. dam safety), efficient water usage, tailings management and residue treatment (amongst others). Check out more information about our Partners in International Business Program.

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NBSO Belo Horizonte

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NBSO Belo Horizonte