Closing days 2022

The Netherlands embassy in Brasília and consulates-general in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are closed on the following days:

Day of the week Date Occasion
Thursday 20 January Saint Sebastian's Day (only Rio de Janeiro)
Tuesday 25 January Anniversary of the City (only São Paulo)
Monday 28 February Carnival
Tuesday 1 March Carnival
Friday 15 April Good Friday
Monday 18 April Easter Monday
Thursday 21 April Tiradentes Day
Wednesday 27 April King's Day
Thursday 5 May Liberation Day
Thursday 26 May Ascension Day
Monday 6 June Whit Monday
Thursday 16 June Corpus Christi
Wednesday 7 September Independence Day
Wednesday 12 October Our Lady of Aparecida's Day
Wednesday 2 November All Souls' Day
Tuesday 15 November

Republic Proclamation Day

Wednesday 30 November Day of the Evangelicals (only Brasília)
Monday 26 December Christmas