Public holidays

The Netherlands has a number of official public holidays. Some shops, museums and attractions are closed or have different opening times on these days.

Public holidays in 2019

Tuesday 1 January New Year’s Day
Friday 19 april Good Friday
Sunday and Monday 21 and 22 April Easter Sunday and Monday
Saturday 27 April King's Day
Sunday 5 May Liberation Day
Thursday 30 May Ascension Day
Sunday and Monday 9 and 10 June Whit Sunday and Monday
Wednesday and Thursday 25 and 26 December Christmas

Museums, shops and attractions

Some attractions, museums and shops are closed or have different opening times on public holidays. Different organisations have different rules. Visit their websites for more information.

Sometimes there are different opening times the evening before a public holiday. Examples include King’s Night (26 April), National Remembrance Day (4 May) and New Year’s Eve (31 December). The same applies to non-official public holidays, such as Sinterklaas (5 December).

Other tips

  • Some Dutch museums are closed on Mondays. Check the opening times on the website of the museum you want to visit.
  • School summer holidays in the Netherlands are different for each region (north, central and south).
  • Although Carnival is not an official public holiday in the Netherlands, it is widely celebrated in the south. Public life is suspended for one long weekend in February or March each year. There are big celebrations from Saturday to Tuesday.
  • Some attractions are only open for a short period each year. Keukenhof, for example, usually opens from mid-March to mid-May.