Closing days 2021 honorary consulate in Bhutan

The Netherlands honorary consulate in Thimphu, Bhuthan, is closed on the following days:

Closing days 2021
Day Date Occasion
Saturday 2 January Nyilo
Thursday 14 January Traditional Day of Offering
Friday 12 February Losar
Zaterdag 13 februari Losar
Wednesday 26 May Lord Buddha's Parinirvana
Wednesday 14 July The First Sermon of Lord Buddha
Thursday 23 September Blessed Rainy Day
Monday 1 November Druk Gyalpo Coronation Anniversary
Friday 17 December National Day
Closing days 2020
Day Date Occasion
Thursday 2 January Winter Solstice (Nyilo)
Friday 21 February Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the King
Monday / Tuesday 24 + 25 February Losar New Year
Monday 2 March Birth Anniversary of Third Druk Gyalpo
Friday 5 June Lord Buddhas Parinirvana
Tuesday 30 June Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche
Friday 24 July First Sermon of Lord Buddha
Tuesday 22 September Thimphu Drupchen Dromchoe (Thimphu Only)
Wednesday 23 September Blessed Rainy Day
Monday 28 September Thimphu Tshechu (Thimphu Only)
Monday 26 October Dashain Festival
Wednesday 11 November Birth Anniversary of Fourth Druk Gyalpo / Children's Day
Thursday 17 November National Day