Trade and the economy: the Netherlands and Bangladesh

The Netherlands is your partner in trade and economic cooperation.

The Netherlands has an open economy that depends heavily on foreign trade and investment.

Gateway to Europe

The Netherlands is a gateway to Europe for foreign companies. Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol meets the highest international standards.

Business climate

The Netherlands is an attractive location for foreign businesses, because of its business-friendly regulations and its well-educated, multilingual population.

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Trade and the economy: the Netherlands and your country or region

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Economic affairs: trade and investment in Bangladesh

The economic affairs: trade and investment (EA) section of the embassy in Bangladesh provides Bangladeshi companies that want to do business with the Netherlands with useful background and contact information to further their plans. In addition, the EA section regularly informs the relevant Dutch ministries and agencies on the latest developments that are important for trade and investment.

Private sector development

A different, but related, aspect of the activities of the economic section at the embassy is to assist Bangladesh in enhancing its business enabling environment. Ultimately, the goal of improving the enabling environment for doing business in Bangladesh is to reduce poverty via sustainable and pro-poor economic growth. At the same time, a better enabling environment in Bangladesh will also enhance the opportunities for Dutch traders and investors on the Bangladeshi market. In short, a clear win-win situation!

Netherlands Bangladesh Business Platform

The Netherlands Bangladesh Business Platform provides practical economic information about Bangladesh to Dutch entrepreneurs and investors. The platform bundles information on all that is relevant for doing business in Bangladesh and links to the range of financial instruments available for entrepreneurs to make use of in support of doing business or investing in Bangladesh and in the Netherlands.

Contact embassy economic department Bangladesh

If you require further information, or would like to meet our colleagues from the economic department, please contact us by email.