Partners in innovation

Innovative Dutch solutions are found throughout Australia. Working together with Australian partners, Dutch innovations are located in many areas: from healthcare, architecture, renewable energy to public spaces.

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Working together in healthcare

Dutch company Tover invented the ‘Tovertafel’, a table with ingenious interactive light projections. People suffering from dementia can play games with the table that are specifically designed to stimulate brain activity, increase movement and combat apathy.

Assisted by the Dutch diplomatic missions in Australia, Active Cues demonstrated the Tovertafel during the Melbourne International Games week. The company gave a keynote presentation in front of thousands of applied gaming experts thereby increasing Tover's visibility and brand awareness in Australia.

Australia has been a success story for Tover, with Tovertafel currently projecting their innovative magic in nursing homes throughout Australia.

ipv Delft Cycling and Walking bridge
©ipv Delft

Collaboration in safe and sustainable urban mobility

With the help of Dutch expertise, cycling is becoming safer and more popular across all Australian cities. The Western Australia Government chose Dutch design and the engineering company ipv Delft’s proposal for a new cycling & walking bridge for the Swan River in the capital city of Perth.

Ipv Delft teamed up with the global engineering firm WSP to design a bridge consisting of two sections that will connect both shores via Heirisson Island. The bridge will be at least six meters wide and offer dedicated paths for cyclists and pedestrians. This enterprise is an example of Dutch design that the people of Perth will enjoy for many years.

Innovation in hydrogen Nedstack

Innovation in hydrogen developments

The Netherlands diplomatic missions are supporting collaboration between governments, businesses and universities on the development of international hydrogen supply chains. The emerging hydrogen economy is gaining momentum in Australia, with Dutch company Nedstack announcing plans to manufacture hydrogen fuel cells in Australia.

Soutbank by Beulah_dual skyscraper_UNStudio_local partner Cox Architecture
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Eye catching Dutch design in Melbourne

The first Australian project by Dutch architectural practice UNStudio is one of Australia’s most ambitious developments.  The studio’s Green Spine design has been selected for a new development in Melbourne. ‘Southbank by Beulah,’ a dual skyscraper is a collaboration between UNStudio with local partner Cox Architecture. The skyscraper features a green spine of vertically networked platforms, terraces and verandas. Reaching 356 metres in height, the taller of the two twisting towers when completed will become the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest building.

Focusing on circularity and setting new benchmarks in circular building and design, UNStudio has landed another major contract in Melbourne with the design of a 23 story office tower on Little Bourke Street. This has led to the opening of a local office in Melbourne in 2021 that will develop more Australian projects and enrich Australian cities with their unique sustainable designs.