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Over the past decade, the Dutch diplomatic missions in Australia have been involved in the publishing of several booklets on Dutch-Australian Cultural Heritage. Topics include the Japanese Air Raid on Broome, the wrecking of the Zuytdorp, the first contact established between Indigenous Australians and Europeans by the Duyfken, Dirk Hartog, stories about the Early Encounters with Australian shores and Jan Vennik: The Dutchman at Eureka.

Broome 3 March - 1942 - 3 March 2012

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Japanese Air Raid on Broome, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in conjunction with the Western Australian Museum, published the booklet ‘Broome: 3 March 1942 – 3 March 2012’. The Booklet contains a selection of bundled articles by several authors and aims to illustrate what happened in Broome on that fatal day, 3 March 1942. It also provides an overview of the context of the Australian – Dutch alliance during WWII.
Broome booklets are no longer available but you can download the digital version in PDF format at the bottom of this page under 'Documents'.

Zuytdorp 1712-2012

The Zuytdorp 1712-2012 magazine was published by Geraldton Newspapers Pty Ltd in 2012 with support the the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The magazine was presented on the occasion of the commemoration of 300th anniversary of the wreck of Zuytdorp and was written and compiled by Gary Warner, with the valued assistance of Dr Michael 'Mack' McCarthy.

The Duyfken | Unveiling of the First Contact Memorial (second edition, 2015)

The Dutch VOC ship the Duyfken constituted the first documented contact between Indigenous Australians and Europeans in 1606. On the occasion of the unveiling of the First Contact Memorial, in May 2013, the Netherlands Embassy produced a booklet about the story of the journey of the Duyfken and the historical meeting in Mapoon. Then Dutch ambassador Annemieke Ruigrok, (now former) Queensland Governor Penelope Wensley and the Mayor of Mapoon, Peter Guivarra, wrote contributions, amongst others. The book was co-authored and edited by the late Rupert Gerritsen.

Because the first edition was very well received, a second edition was launched in June 2015. This second edition complemented and updated the first booklet with a revised and updated version of the contribution by Geoff Wharton, which includes an account and photograph of the unveiling ceremony. In addition, the design of the booklet was completely upgraded by the Western Australian Museum in Perth.

Early Encounters with Australian Shores | Rupert Gerritsen

‘Early Encounters with Australian Shores’ is a collection of short stories written by the late Rupert Gerritsen (1953-2013). The booklet was published in 2015 by Australia On The Map with the support of the Netherlands Embassy. This booklet brings together a selection of stories about Australia’s early, and neglected, maritime history. Rupert Gerritsen elaborates on already well known subjects such as the arrival of the Duyfken and the tragedy of the Batavia – but also presents lesser known stories such as the miraculous survival of the Dutch party searching for the crew of the Vergulde Draeck.
Copies of ‘Early Encounters with Australian Shores’ are available for free and can be ordered with Australia on the Map.
To order a booklet, visit:

Jan Vennik: The Dutchman at Eureka | Yvon Davis

Jan Vennik: The Dutchman at Eureka is a 48-page booklet written by former SBS Radio broadcaster, Yvon Davis. This publication was supported with a Shared Cultural Heritage contribution from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Canberra.

Yvon Davis tells the story of a Dutchman who was present in the vicinity of the Eureka Stockade on 3 December 1854, before he was arrested and charged with treason, together with 12 others. This book explores whether Jan Vennik was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, where he came from, and where he went after his acquittal on all charges at the Eureka Trials in early 1855.
Copies of 'Jan Vennik: The Dutchman at Eureka' are available from bookshops across Ballarat. RRP $14,95. For more information, contact Yvon Davis via

Marking our History, Celebrating our Future
Dirk Hartog in Western Australia (October 1616)

The Dirk Hartog booklet was edited by maritime archeologist Dr. Wendy van Duivenvoorde, produced by the Western Australian Museum and published by the Embassy. It is dedicated to the seafarers of the 17th century who sailed into Australian waters. Its launch, on 25 October 2016, coincided with the third and final lecture in the Dirk Hartog lecture series by Dr. Van Duivenvoorde, initiated by the Embassy.

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To receive a copy of the Duyfken (second edition) of Dirk Hartog booklet by mail, please send the Embassy a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE). You will then receive your copy within 2 weeks. Below you will find an indication of the required postage fee for delivery within Australia. 1 book: approx $2.10 |  2-3 books: approx $3.50

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