What do we do in Australia?

The diplomatic missions in Australia represent, promote and protect the interests of the Netherlands and Dutch nationals in Australia. We support Dutch citizens, companies, research institutes and other organisations.

  • We liaise with the Australian government.
  • We promote trade relations between the two countries.
  • We promote Dutch cultural events in Australia.
  • We increase the visibility of the Netherlands in Australia.
  • We organise and support relevant activities.
  • We help Dutch citizens.

Embassy in Canberra

The Embassy staff primarily represents the relationship between the Netherlands and Australia. Because of the excellent relationship between the two countries they cooperate in many different areas. Therefore not only is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs represented by the embassy but also the ministeries of Security and Justice, and the Defence Ministery.

At the Embassy you can apply for Certificates of Life, Copy Conform Original declarations as well as having your signature legalised (see table below).

Consulate-General in Sydney

The Consulate-General in Sydney is committed to further develop the Dutch-Australian trade relations throughout Australia.

We also offer extensive consular services and occasionally organise Dutch cultural events in the state of New South Wales.

You can apply here for a passport, visa, consular declarations and nationality certificates (see table below).

Consulates in Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Port Moresby

The honorary consul can assist during an emergency. In addition, the hoonorary consul focuses on trade development. For more information on trade development or a business partner scan please email syd-ez@minbuza.nl.

In case of a consular emergency, for example a lost passport, you can call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week +61 293876644 (local tariff).

For visa and passport applications and consular declarations, you can make an appointment at the Consulate-General in Sydney.

For general consular enquiries, please fill in this contact form.

In case of a consular emergency the honorary consul can assist in certain circumstances. For example if you lose your passport or have been involved in an accident and are in hospital, or in case of a death or a missing person or other calamities. Each case is individually assessed in consultation with the Consulate-General in Sydney.

Honorary consuls in Australia can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via telephone nr  02 93876644 / +61 2 93876644.

Lost or stolen passport:

If your passport is lost or stolen, you can request a ‘laissez-passer’ by phone on 02 93876644 / +61293876644.

Your request for a laissez-passer will be processed immediately. The honorary consul will contact you and, in case you are eligible, provide you with a laissez-passer. The release of a laissez-passer takes 1 to 2 days. Please check with your airline whether you are allowed to board with a Dutch laissez-passer.

It is also possible to request a new passport at the Consulate-General in Sydney via an emergency procedure. This takes 8 to 10 days and you have to do the request in person. Your new passport will be valid for 10 years.

Remaining civil affairs:

Since the honorary consuls merely provide ‘laissez-passers’, you can contact the Embassy in Canberra or the Consulate-General in Sydney for any remaining civil affairs services. However, often a ‘justice of the peace’ or ‘notary public’ in your area may provide the requested service.

In the table below you can see what consular products and services we offer in Australia.

Product or service Location
ID-cards (NIK) Consulate-General in Sydney
Dutch passport        Consulate-General in Sydney
Visa Consulate-General in Sydney
Declaration Dutch nationality   Consulate-General in Sydney by mail
Declaration of Residence Consulate-General in Sydney by mail
Certificate of Life Embassy in Canberra or Consulate-General in Sydney, justice of the peace or Notary Public
Declaration of Marital status Consulate-General in Sydney by mail
Copy conform original Embassy in Canberra or Consulate-General in Sydney, justice of the peace or Notary Public
Legalisation of signature Embassy in Canberra or Consulate-General in Sydney, justice of the peace or Notary Public
Option Declaration Consulate-General in Sydney