Economic cooperation and trade

The Embassy’s economic activities in Armenia are mainly focused on agriculture, IT sector and tourism.

Embassy is serving as a contact of FMO (Dutch Development Bank) in Armenia, facilitates PUM senior experts fund activities, implements projects together with RVO (The Netherlands Enterprise Agency). We are also dealing with the requests from the Dutch businesses on information, cooperating closely with the Dutch-Armenian Chamber of Commerce, Dutch Invest Internationally and Enterprise Armenia.

In the framework of the Private Sector Development toolkit of the RVO the Embassy currently finance three ongoing projects.

We are supporting Cadastr Committee of Armenia of digitalization of the cadaster archives, doing IT scoping project with the aim of doing a mapping in the sector and identifying the potential cooperation between the Dutch and Armenian companies. Also we are supporting agro logistics development in the Northern regions of Armenia. Embassy is currently exploring possibilities of cooperation in greenhouse subsector as well via conducting study in this sub-sector.