Environmental Sustainability - Zimbabwe

Environmental Sustainability

Finding solutions together

The Netherlands is pushing the sustainability agenda forward at home and abroad. The Dutch commitment to a 100% circular economy by 2050 is driving innovation in renewable energy, waste management, sustainable food production and water management. Dutch cities are already famous for low carbon mobility including significant cycling infrastructure and electric buses and trucks.

Greening the Embassy

In Zimbabwe, two of three premises are already powered fully through solar energy. The Embassy has installed water harvesting infrastructure to save water during the rainy season. The gardens are maintained with organic fertilizers to promote soil health.

World Cleanup Day

On 17 September 2021 The Embassy team joined forces with National Parks of Zimbabwe, Dutch nationals, and Lake Macilwaine Primary school to clear plastic waste and discarded fishing nets from the shore of Lake Chivero – home to a diversity of wildlife including white rhino, and the primary water source for Harare. Between the 57 participants a total of 770kgs of waste was gathered.

Tree Planting Day

In partnership with local tree-planting groups, the Embassy supports National Tree Planting Day on 1 December. In 2020 the Embassy funded the planting and maintenance of 80 trees.

Green Media Bootcamp

Recognising a wide information gap among the public, the Embassy partnered with the Zimbabwe Online Content Creators Network to train 12 content creators  on the fundamentals of climate change, and effective climate communication that can change attitudes and increase public awareness on the impacts of climate change on Zimbabwe. Trainers included local and international experts who tuned in via Zoom.