Working holiday exchange programmes (WHS / WHP)

The Netherlands has exchange programmes with Argentina, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and South Korea. Are you a national of one of these countries? Are you at least 18 but under 31 years of age? Then you can apply for a residence permit that will allow you to live and work in the Netherlands for 1 year.

Working Holiday Programme and Working Holiday Scheme

The Working Holiday Programme (WHP) is for young people from Canada, South Korea, Argentina or Hong Kong. Young people from Australia and New Zealand can take part in the Working Holiday Scheme (WHS). Through these exchange programmes young people can get to know Dutch culture and society. They can also take Dutch lessons.

If you apply for a residence permit on the basis of an exchange and you meet all the conditions, you will be allowed to stay in the Netherlands for 1 year. The application costs 57 euros.

Incidental employment during the program is allowed without a work permit. With a residence permit for the WHP/WHS, you are allowed to work up to 12 consecutive weeks for the same employer. The number of hours cannot be spread in order to cover a longer period. Once the maximum of 12 weeks with the same employer is reached, you are allowed to work another 12 consecutive weeks for a different employer.

Exchange programme conditions and application

You can find out more about working holiday exchange programmes on the website of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). It lists the conditions you have to meet if you want to take part in such a programme. And how you can apply for a residence permit on the basis of an exchange.

Participating countries

You can get more information from the Dutch embassy or consulate-general in the participating countries: