Q&A's Long-stay visa (mvv)

Last updated: 1 July 2020, 11:03 AM.

Can I go to the embassy to pick up my MVV?

COVID-19 forced us to close all consular desks of embassies and consulates-general to last March. In the meantime, we can gradually restart consular services and some embassies can partially open their consular desks. You can then make a MVV appointment, but during the start-up phase capacity might be limited. Please  take into account longer waiting times than you are used to from us. Consult the web page of the embassy or consulate general if it is possible to make an MVV appointment. This page will be updated, as soon as consular services and appointment options change.

The consular section of the embassy is closed. Can I collect my MVV?

If the consular section of the embassy is closed, you cannot collect an MVV. Some embassies have (partially) reopened their consular desk in which case you can make an appointment.

For other embassies, the local situation does not yet allow to open the consular desk. In that case, you will not be able to collect an MVV, or sometimes only in urgent situations, or if you belong to a category exempted from the EU entry ban. Are you curious whether the embassy in your region can issue MVVs again? Please consult the web page of the embassy or consulate general. This page will be updated as soon as possibilities change.

Why can I not yet collect an MVV at the Dutch embassy in my region, while I can already do so at the Dutch embassy in another country?

Whether or not you can collect or apply for an MVV depends on the local situation. This may differ per region or country. The consular department of an embassy or consulate general may be closed due to a lockdown or local restrictions related to health and safety reasons. Keep an eye on the web page of the embassy or consulate general for new developments.

Where can I see or enquire when the embassy in my region will reopen and I can schedule an MVV appointment?

The opening of consular departments depends on the local situation and COVID-19 measures. The development of these measures is uncertain, so it is impossible to say exactly when an embassy will reopen. Keep an eye on the web page of the embassy or consulate general for new developments.

I have noticed that for another purpose of stay an earlier appointment is available than for my purpose of stay. How is this possible?

When we start issuing MVVs, we follow the guidelines of the European Commission on the gradual lifting of travel restrictions. As a result, some people may be assisted earlier, such as highly skilled migrants, persons with an essential professional function for the vital infrastructure, or because their studies are starting soon.

Please note that if you book an appointment for the wrong category, the Embassy cannot attend to you and will ask you to book a new appointment.

I am still at the beginning of my MVV application and would like to schedule an appointment to submit the application. The embassy is only closed. Is there another way to submit my MVV application?

If you have a sponsor in the Netherlands, for example a family member, employer or educational institution, the sponsor can submit the application to the IND. You do not have to go to the embassy until the IND has made a positive decision.

There is no sponsor for a number of purposes of stay (search year for highly educated persons, working holiday program and start-ups). You will then need to make an appointment at the embassy to submit and start your application. As long as the consular department of the Dutch embassy in your region is not yet open, it is not possible to schedule an appointment. For up to date information you can keep an eye on the webpage of the embassy in question.

My MVV approval says that I have to collect the MVV from the embassy within 90 days after approval. This period has already expired or will expire shortly. What should I do?

The IND has indicated that you can collect your MVV within 180 days after the original date of approval, if it is likely that you were unable to collect your MVV on time because of COVID-19 and/or the closure of the consulate. The IND is still working on an appropriate solution in case this period of 180 days also passed. As soon as the procedure is clear, this will be announced on this website and the website of the IND.   

I received an MVV, but because of COVID-19, I was not able to travel to the Netherlands within the MVV validity of 90 days. The MVV has now expired. What should I do?

If you are already in possession of an MVV sticker but it has expired, and there are travel possibilities for you again, you can make a new appointment with the consular department of the embassy or consulate general, if it is open. Within 90 days after the expiry date of your MVV (sticker), the consular department is authorised to re-issue the MVV, provided COVID-19 did not allow you to leave on time.

To collect your MVV you need to make an appointment at the embassy or consulate general. You must bring or send a valid passport (including the expired MVV) to the embassy or consulate general. No other documents are needed and you do not need to pay a fee. We aim to process your new MVV within 2 workdays. After that, you must collect your MVV in person.

I have a valid MVV to travel to the Netherlands. Does the EU travel ban apply to me?

The travel ban does not apply to holders of a valid residence permit or temporary residence permit / authorisation for temporary stay (MVV).

Check the web page 'Q&A's Travel restrictions for the Netherlands (travel ban)' for more information.

I have a valid MVV which means that the EU travel ban does not apply to me. Can I also transit in another country with the MVV?

In general a MVV does grant the right to transit to the Netherlands via any other Schengen country. However, due to COVID-19 measures transit might not be possible. This might differ per country. You are therefore advised to be well-informed before you start your journey, by consulting travel updates of the country you need to transit through.

I want to collect my MVV but the embassy in the country where I am staying is still closed. However, I see that I can make an appointment at the Dutch embassy in a neighboring country, is this allowed?

This is only possible if there are no travel restrictions for you to travel to that neighboring country, and after approval from the IND. Please contact the IND's caseworker about this. You can only make an appointment to collect the MVV after the IND has sent its approval to the relevant embassy.

I am currently staying in the Netherlands and I received my MVV approval from the IND. Travelling to the assigned embassy will not be possible or is not advised. What can I do?

The IND authorizes in each individual case a specific embassy or consulate-general to hand out the MVV. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, neither the embassy or consulate-general can advise you on what to do if you cannot travel from the Netherlands to the embassy to collect your MVV. You can best contact the IND on this matter. 

I am exempted from the MVV obligation because I have the nationality of Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Vatican City, United States of America or South Korea. Now, unlike MVV holders, I cannot enter because of the entry ban. What can I do?

The IND is currently investigating the possibilities for this category of people. A Dutch Embassy or consulate-general cannot issue an MVV or other (entry) visa to visa-free persons. As soon as the IND has an appropriate solution, this will be announced announced on the website of the IND. For limited exceptions to the entry ban, go to the web page: 'Q&A's Travel restrictions for the Netherlands (travel ban)'.