Q&A's Long-stay visa (mvv)

The consular section of the embassy is closed. Can I pick up my MVV?

No, Covid-19 has forced us to close all consular desks of embassies and consulates general. You cannot pick up an MVV during this period.

My appointment for the issue of an MVV is cancelled. When can I get a new appointment?

For the time being, this will not be possible until April 28th. Depending on the situation, this can be adjusted to an even later date.

I am still at the beginning of my MVV application and need to go to the embassy. Is there another way to submit my MVV application?

If you have a sponsor in the Netherlands, for example a family member, employer or educational institution, the sponsor can submit the application to the IND. You only need to go to the embassy once the IND has made a decision.

There is no sponsor for a number of purposes of stay (search year for highly educated persons, Working Holiday Programme and start-up). In that case, you can make an appointment to start your mvv procedure when the consular desk reopens.

My MVV approval says I have to collect the MVV from the Embassy within 90 days of approval. This period is about to expire. What should I do?

Due to Covid-19 all consular desks of embassies and consulates-general are closed till April 28th, this period may be extended. You can book an appointment as soon as the consular sections re-open.

The IND has agreed that you can collect your MVV within 180 days of the original approval date, if you can prove that you were unable to collect your MVV in time because of COVID-19 and/or the closure of the consular desk.  

I have a valid MVV to travel to the Netherlands. Does the travel ban apply to me?

The travel ban does not apply to holders of a long-stay visa or temporary residence permit (MVV). Check the web page 'Q&A's Travel restrictions for the Netherlands (travel ban)' for more information.

I have been issued a MVV visa but due to COVID-19 I am unable to travel to the Netherlands within the 90-day validity period of this MVV. What should I do?

You can book a new appointment as soon as the consular desk re-opens. Within 90 days of the expiration date of your MVV, the consular desk is authorized to re-issue the MVV, if you can prove that you were unable to timely travel due to Covid-19.