Terramera: Regenerative Agriculture


Agriculture is the largest sector in Canada with a strong focus on horticulture. To get an impression of Dutch agricultural innovations in British Columbia, the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Vancouver and the Agricultural Team of the Dutch Embassy spoke with several entrepreneurs.

In this 10-part blog series we will be highlighting one advanced innovative agtech company in B.C. every week, focussing on its strong connections to the Netherlands.

Part 2 (2/10): Terramera.

Regenerative agriculture is a set of tools and practices that pulls carbon from the air and transfers it underground, storing carbon and improving soil health with each growing season. Many farmers are already practicing regenerative techniques like no-till and cover crops. The Global Centre for Regenerative Agriculture creates a way for farmers to earn money from a full range of practices that are better for crops, plant health and the environment.

Portrait of Karn Manhas
Image: ©Terramera

More carbon in the soil

“Mounting research shows us that more carbon in the atmosphere is bad but more carbon in the soil is good for farms and the earth,” explains Karn Manhas, CEO of Terramera. “We’re creating a system to pay farmers to pull more carbon in to their soils, where it can benefit their farms, support more nutritious food production, and help turn back the clock on climate change.”

Fusing science, nature and AI

Terramera is fusing science, nature and artificial intelligence to create game-changing technologies that can solve some of the world’s biggest problems. They’re developing the Global Centre for Regenerative Agriculture in order to address three key challenges: economic stability and growth, climate change, and food security. It will utilize Terramera’s machine learning and AI capabilities to support the growth of regenerative agricultural techniques across Canada and the rest of the world, boosting rural economies and turning the agricultural sector into a massive carbon sink.

Link with the Netherlands

  • Dutch Partnerships
    Terramera’s industry-leading automated growth chambers were developed utilizing indoor growing systems from the Dutch company Light4Food.
  • Farm efficiencies
    The Global Centre for Regenerative Agriculture will model farm efficiencies achieved through agtech innovation in the

More on Dutch-Canadian collaboration in B.C.?

In the brochure that you can download below, you will find a number of examples of innovative companies in British Columbia, with strong connections to the Netherlands. We hope to see many more of these strong collaborations and are keen to support more innovators.

If you are interested to learn more, please connect with the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vancouver at van-ez@minbuza.nl or contact the Economic Affairs teams in Ottawa and Toronto.