Water is in the Dutch DNA

Given its unique location upon a low-lying Delta, the Netherlands has spent the past eight centuries developing and refining strategies to deal with the element that permeates nearly every part of the country: water.

©Water Alliance

While early innovations such as windmills and dikes continue to prove effective today in managing water, the Dutch continue to make advancements in water technology, and develop new approaches for dealing with water challenges, such as flooding.

In addition to the conventional water issues, the world faces many new and emerging challenges associated with this sector, such as water and plastics pollution, groundwater depletion, and rising temperatures as a result of climate change, to name a few.

These challenges are not unique to any one particular country, and are being confronted by nearly every country on earth, including the Netherlands.

Masters at Managing Water

Thanks to a combination of a high level of ambition, as well as a vast ecosystem comprised of companies, organizations, and research and academic institutions, the Netherlands has developed many technologies and approaches in order to tackle many of the key water challenges that are being faced around the world.

Furthermore, there exists a strong willingness among the Dutch to export their practices, expertise, and innovations, in order to support other countries and cities in their efforts to confront their water-related problems.

One such organization that supports the development and export of Dutch water technology is Water Alliance, which is a network of public and private companies, government agencies, and knowledge institutes involved in the water sector in the Netherlands.

Water Alliance encourages innovation in water technology via a number of means, such as their bi-annual Water Alliance Innovation Stimulation Award. Entrepreneurs within the water technology sector are invited to present their most innovative products, with the winner receiving a marketing support package worth €10,000. Anyone can vote for their favourite innovation, including those right here in Canada! Just register for free to vote, and also to join in for the Grand Finale via livestream on 9 October during which the winner will be announced on this website.